20 Facts Every Brooklyn Tenant Should Know

1. What is the minimum number of apartments for a building to be rent stabilized? 6 apartments

2. What date must landlords begin to provide heat? October 1st

3. When does the rent increase cycle begin and end? October 1September 30 each year

4. What is the current maximum percentage
increase in a one year rent stabilized lease? 0%

5. What is the current maximum rent increase in a rent stabilized unit for a 2 year lease? 2%

6. How many days before the expiration of a lease must the landlord give you a new lease? Between 90 and 150 days

7. If the landlord doesn’t do repairs, you can call the department of Housing, HPD # 311

8. What is the name of the tenant lawsuit to win repairs? Housing Part (HP) Action

9. How frequently must a landlord fumigate (exterminate) the apartment? Every Month

10. How frequently must the landlord paint the apartment? Every 3 years

11. How many hours a day must the landlord provide heat? 24 hours

12.At what temperature must the inside of the apartment be during the day? 68 degrees

13. And at night, when the temperature outside is less than 40 degrees,
what temperature must the inside of the apartment be? 55 degrees

14. Two City institutions where a tenant can make a complaint for lack of repairs. a) HPD b) Civil Court

15. In order to enter to do repairs, the landlord must give you how much advanced notice? 24 hours

16. What telephone number should you call to see if your apartment is regulated and to get a rental history? 718-739-6400

17. Legally, who can evict a tenant? Only the City Marshal or City Sheriff

18. If the landlord doesn’t want to return the security deposit, which court should you bring it to? Small Claims Court

19. What is the address of housing court in Brooklyn? 141 Livingston St. in Downtown Brooklyn

20. The violations of housing code are separated by violations A, B and
C. Which is the most dangerous? C violations. According to the law, how
quickly must they be repaired? Within 24 hours.

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