Workforce Development

Perhaps more than anything else, expanding the employment and training opportunities available to residents of the community and helping them increase their earning power, is at the heart of our vision for Southwest Brooklyn. Our efforts to realize this vision are organized around the objective to improve residents’ access to employment and training opportunities throughout the metropolitan region.

The communities we serve in Southwest Brooklyn – Red Hook, the Columbia Street Waterfront District, Carroll Gardens, Gowanus and Sunset Park are neighborhoods in transition. With substantial public and private investments occurring in our community, gentrification is projected to continue in these neighborhoods. Many low-income residents are at-risk of being pushed out due to higher costs of living and increasing housing costs. Carroll Gardens Association’s goal is to soften the impacts of gentrification and bridge the income divide through workforce development and employment counseling. We aim to develop a skilled workforce prepared for employment in a struggling economy. By providing the disadvantaged with the necessary pre-employment skills, we empower them for success and enable them to be ready for employment. Our target populations for our training programs include:

  • Unemployed and dislocated workers;
  • Underemployed workers;
  • Disadvantaged and low-income residents;
  • Immigrants;
  • Persons with disabilities;
  • Welfare (TANF) recipients;
  • Post-secondary students and high-school dropouts;
  • Homeless and returning veterans; and
  • Hard to employ individuals such as former felons and people recovering from addiction.

Carroll Gardens Association provides Free Computer Training to dozens of individuals annually. The Computer Training Program is a seven-week course that provides participants with instruction on basic computer skills, the use of the Internet, and lessons on Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. After successful completion of the training program, participants receive a Certificate of Completion that they could show to prospective employers.

Sessions for the Computer Training Program are held at the CGA Training Center. The CGA Training Center includes space for a computer lab and a classroom type setting. In addition to the Free Computer Training Program, a variety of educational workshops are held regularly at the CGA Training Center. Contact Carroll Gardens Association to learn more about our training schedule.