Southwest Brooklyn Tenant Union

Designed by local graphic designer and CGA tenant Kalani Katbagan. The Southwest Brooklyn Tenants Union (SWBTU) brings together tenants and advocates to support the right to housing for all residents in Southwest Brooklyn (Carroll Gardens, Columbia Waterfront, and Red Hook).



Formed in response to increasing displacement pressure residents are facing, SWBTU works with members by connecting them with legal counseling, emotional support, organizing and direct action, media and political education, and mutual aid. The Union supports individual members fighting to remain in their homes while organizing collectively with allies including elected officials and community based organizations, for broader policy that will ensure the right to housing for ALL residents.
SWBTU meets every 4th Wednesday of the month at the Carroll Gardens Association. The logo was designed by Kalani Katabagan, a local graphic designer and CGA tenant.

How can the SWBTU address housing issues on a member level, building level, community wide, and City, State, and Federal?