CGA Joins Sandy Recovery and Rebuilding Program Multifamily Collaborative

Carroll Gardens Association, Inc. has been named by the Enterprise Community Partners as one of the twelve (12) organizations in the New York Metro Region to participate in the Hurricane Sandy Recovery and Rebuilding Program’s Multifamily Collaborative. As a member of the collaborative, CGA will be working with 11 other organizations to develop best practices for disaster preparedness and long-term resilience.

Together with other collaborative participants, CGA will work over the next 2 years towards developing a comprehensive disaster and response plan for the organization and its housing portfolio. Enterprise Community Partners will provide technical assistance to CGA as it assesses its housing portfolio’s vulnerability to future crises, explore innovative resilient retrofit options, and identify potential financing mechanisms to implement the recommendations. Results of the resiliency collaborative discussions will be used as guidelines that will benefit other organizations. CGA hopes to spearhead similar discussions that will involve other organizations in its community.



May 12th, 2013